Plumbing Leak Repair

A Burst Water Pipe.

Finding Leaks

Plumbing leak repair is essential as leaks can cause many problems, especially when the leak is undetected. At least once a year you should inspect all your visible pipes for signs of leaks. For the pipes you cannot see, you should hire the professionals at Delk Plumbing to do a leak detection screening for you. This can alert you to any problems with water or sewer pipes that are buried underground, in your slab, or crawlspace. To schedule a leak detection or plumbing leak repair in Summerville and Charleston, SC, and the surrounding areas, give us a call at (843) 873-6331.

Signs You Have a Plumbing Leak

There are signs that you may have a plumbing leak. Watch for these signs in between visual inspections.

  • A sudden drop in water pressure.
  • Drains that are slow.
  • Strange noises from your plumbing pipes.
  • Spots that look wet or look like water damage in the ceilings, walls, and floors.
  • Puddles on the floors or in the yard. If the puddles are from the sewer drains they will be accompanied by a smell of sewer gas.
  • Spots of mold or mildew growing on floors, ceilings, or walls.

These signs could mean you have a plumbing leak. The sooner you find the leak and have the Delk Plumbing team repair it the better.

How to Repair Minor Plumbing Leaks

If you discover a minor plumbing leak, turn the water off to the house. It is important that you get in touch with us immediately to schedule our leak repair services. This will ensure that your small leak does not quickly turn into larger issues. Schedule services today by calling (843) 873-6331.

What if your drains are slow? You can try some drain cleaner or a plunger. If the problem persists you should have us come in and do an assessment. We can run a snake down the drain to remove the clog.

Occasionally, a pipe behind a wall will leak. It can be repaired or replaced depending on how bad the leak is. This will mean opening up the wall, which should only be done by a professional.

How to deal with frozen pipes depends on the pipe itself and where it is located. During extremely cold weather, where the temperature is in the single digits, the best fix is preventative. Leaving the tap in the kitchen and a bathroom dripping or running overnight when it is the coldest will help keep the pipe from freezing. For drain pipes leaving the doors of the cupboard or vanity open overnight to provide heat.

Should the pipes and or drains freeze, you can try warming up the rooms and having the cupboard or vanity doors open. Never use a hairdryer or space heater for this, as it could damage your pipes or start a fire. If the drain or pipes do not thaw with the room warm after a couple of hours, give our team a call at (843) 873-6331.

A Plumber Tightens a Fitting.

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In the end, prevention will cost you less than having to replace your pipes throughout your home or business or having to dig up pipes to replace those underground. Maintenance and prevention should be on your spring and fall lists when it comes to plumbing, but if you have a leak and need plumbing leak detection and repair in Summerville and Charleston, SC, and the surrounding areas, you can count on the professionals at Delk Plumbing. Call (843) 873-6331 to schedule services.