Backflow Prevention and Devices

Removing and Repairing a Backflow Prevention Device

Protecting Your Home With a Backflow Prevention Device

When it comes to your home, you want to be sure that everything, including the water you use, is as safe as it possibly can be. An efficient way to do just that is to invest in backflow prevention. For that, rely on Delk Plumbing. What we can do is install, repair, or replace a backflow prevention device in a Summerville and Charleston, SC property. Call us at (843) 873-6331 to learn more. 

What is Backflow and Can You Prevent It?

Backflow is a plumbing term used to describe unwanted water flow that is going in the wrong or rather the opposite direction. Basically, it’s water that’s coming up instead of going down. It’s often associated with toilet or sewage water that is backing up and overflowing the bowl or tank. That is why the water source for the cistern, or tank, has to be separated from the water flow in the bowl. Otherwise, there is a risk of water contamination. Backflow water is considered incredibly toxic and should never be consumed. 

Can backflow contamination be prevented? Absolutely. There are a variety of backflow prevention devices and repairs that can be done. Delk Plumbing actually offers device installation services. We can help find the problem area and correct with a backflow device. With it, you’ll find cleaner, safer water throughout your home. 

Signs You May Need a Backflow Prevention Device

How do you know when you need a device to prevent backflow contamination? There are a few key signs to pay attention to.

  • Discolored water: Look for water that is running brown, yellow, or even a pinkish color. 
  • Bad smells and taste: If you smell sulfur when the water is running or if your water just tastes bad. 
  • Rust: Noticing rust flakes or deposits in the water is an alarming sign. 

These are all signs that your backflow preventer is not working. Or that you simply don’t have the preventative device installed. In either case, contact Delk Plumbing. We can install or replace a backflow prevention device to help ensure clean water in your home. 

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