Water Leak Detection Services in Summerville & Charleston

Are there water stains on your walls or ceiling? Did you know this could be due to a leak in your pipes? Call Delk Plumbing, Inc. to have your pipes inspected today!

Leaks can happen in any part of your plumbing system. Unfortunately, that means the water dripping will not always be apparent to the homeowner. The moisture can accumulate behind walls, in the ceiling, and behind your baseboards. At Delk Plumbing, Inc., we understand that residents of Summerville and Charleston, SC don’t always know what to do in these situations. This is why our expert team is here to assist you. Have you noticed a musty smell in your basement? With our water leak detection services, we can locate and repair even your most complex plumbing damage.

One way to protect your home from water leaks and damage is with a sump pump installation. Be sure to ask our staff about your options today!

Causes of a Hidden Water Leak

Water leaks, hidden or otherwise, can be caused by several different factors. They can occur at any time during the year and at any stage of your plumbing system’s life. That’s right, leaks can happen even if you have a fairly new piping system. What causes a leak is important to know so that you can work to prevent it from happening.

Here are the most common reasons your pipes may be damaged and leak water.

  • Old and aging pipes
  • Pipes that have frozen and expanded while thawing
  • Corrosion and rust on the inside or outside of the pipe
  • Clogs and blocks in the pipe that have caused a build-up of pressure
  • Piping systems that were poorly installed
  • Tree roots that have grown into the pipes
  • Cracks and holes in the system caused by damage
  • Earthquakes or shifting of the foundation of the home

Professional Leak Detection Methods

As we mentioned above, leaks do not always happen in convenient places that you can see clearly. Typically, there will be some other telltale signs of moisture, but you will need the help of our technicians to pinpoint the location of the problem.

  • Digging or drilling: In this scenario, a technician will physically look for the problem by either digging into the ground where a pipe is located or drilling into the walls, ceiling, or floor to find the indoor pipe. In this case, there is typically evidence of the leak in the location, so drilling or digging is also done to repair the issue.
  • CCTV camera: If the location of the leak has been narrowed down to one pipe, yet the exact location is not known, a camera scope will be used to find the damage and pinpoint the area that needs to be repaired.

Sometimes, water leaks can even occur under the foundations of your home! We also offer slab leak repair services to resolve these issues.

Tips for Avoiding Leaks

Even though a small drip may not seem like an overwhelming emergency, excess moisture in the home can cause many issues. If the leak gets worse, it can cause flooding which in turn will cause serious home and property damage. Not only that, but it will damage your piping system and potentially hurt your electrical system, as well.

Even more alarming, water that is left to seep into the structure of the home will eventually cause mold and mildew to develop; both of which pose serious health risks. Thankfully, there are ways to avoid a leaking pipe fallout just by following these easy tips:

  • Prevent Freezing: Make sure your pipes are insulated against the cold weather. Also, in extreme cold, allow your faucets to trickle so the flow of water will not turn to ice.
  • Chemicals: Although they claim to remove tough clogs, liquid drain cleaning products will leave far more damage in their wake, including deteriorated pipes.
  • Age: Be aware of the age of your plumbing system and replace old and deteriorated pipes when the time comes.
  • Location: Know where your sewer line and main water line is on your property.
  • Trees: Plant trees and other large plants away from your pipes, so their roots will not damage them.
  • Construction: If there is going to be any major construction on your property, be aware of your plumbing system. Make sure the pipes have a wide clearance zone.
  • Maintenance: Be sure to have your drains cleaned and your pipes inspected regularly. Both of these procedures can catch repairs before they cause any damage.

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