Slab Leak Repair Services in Summerville & Charleston

Is a slab leak causing damage to the foundations of your home? Delk Plumbing, Inc. offers quality detection and repair services.

A slab leak is a serious issue that mostly goes unnoticed by the homeowner until the damage is significant. “Slab leak” is a generic term that is used to describe any water leaks going on below the surface of your home’s foundation. Slab leaks often go undetected because they’re out of sight, which makes them one of the most damaging types of leaks. Luckily, our Summerville and Charleston, SC plumbing experts at Delk Plumbing, Inc. can help. We offer slab leak detection and repair services to help accurately find and resolve any water leak issues under your home.

Old plumbing is a leading cause of slab leaks. Be sure to ask about our whole home repiping services to find out if it’s time to upgrade your plumbing system.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

As mentioned, a slab leak is a water leak that occurs under your foundation or “slab.” The causes for this problem can vary depending on a few factors, but for the most part, it typically comes down to one of five specific reasons.

  • Your foundation can be corroded by the chemicals in your soil. Different components and formulas of soil and sod can have a negative effect on your plumbing and over time eat it away.
  • Corrosion due to long term vibration. This can be caused by many things. For example, homes that are close to train tracks can experience this due to the consistent vibration from the train.
  • Pressure is another common reason for a slab leak. The pressure can come from the earth shifting or it can be due to human error. Either way, that excess movement can shift your plumbing.
  • In some cases, the slab or foundation of your home is not set or poured correctly. If this is the case, you will experience slab leaks more readily.
  • Lastly, a poorly installed piping system could be at fault.

Regardless of the reason, addressing a slab leak as quickly as possible is the key to protect your home from any excess damage.

Warning Signs of a Slab Leak

Like most issues with the home, there are some warning signs you can look for that will alert you to a possible slab leak. That being said, your best bet is to have a professional inspect your plumbing for corrosion. At Delk Plumbing, Inc., we are at your disposal for leak detection, however, it is always a good idea to have the basic warning signals down pat.

  • You can hear the sound of running water in your home when everything else is quiet.
  • There is a steady increase in your energy bills for no reason.
  • There are signs of mold or/and mildew growth around the foundation or in the basement.
  • Areas of the slab or foundation that are too hot or too cold. This typically means a leak within the septic system.
  • Any visible damage such as cracks, holes, sinking, or other obvious signs of repair.

One simple way to prevent slab leaks is with preventive plumbing care. Be sure to schedule your annual drain cleaning, and avoid damage caused by excess water pressure.

How Slab Leaks Are Repaired

Once a slab leak is detected, a plumber will investigate and repair any piping issues that contribute to the leak. The repair process is not as invasive as you would think. Working with experienced and knowledgeable Summerville and Charleston, SC plumbers can have the issue fixed in short order with little to no disruption to your daily life.

Although each situation is going to be different, here are the basic repair procedures for dealing with foundation corrosion:

  • Location: The first step is to pinpoint the exact location. This is done with camera technology, so the technician can zero in on the place that needs to be fixed.
  • Spot Repair: This is done by opening the area of the slab where the pipe may be leaking. The pipe will then be repaired or replaced where the issue was original.
  • Replace: If the piping is older, replacing the entire line is usually best. Also, the pipe may be rerouted to a different location that will not cause any damage.
  • Epoxy: Epoxy is a clay-like solution that is very efficient. If there are several leaks, the technician will use this substance to repair the holes or cracks.

Slab leaks can cause many issues with your home. Whether it was a human error or just a side-effect of nature, it should be repaired as soon as possible. When the issue stems from your piping system, there is no one better to call than Delk Plumbing, Inc. Our team members are knowledgeable and ready to help.

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