Hydro Jetting Services in Summerville & Charleston

When a clog becomes an inconvenience and the cause of stress in your home, hydro jetting can relieve the problem. Call Delk Plumbing, Inc. and let our expert plumbers assist you today!

All homeowners will face a clogged drain at one point or another. It’s when the block is deep and stubborn that it can really cause an issue that will need professional assistance. In the case of a severe block, hydro jetting is usually the most effective way of eliminating the problem. Just like it sounds, hydro jetting is a high powered stream of water that is used to remove stubborn debris in your pipes such as grease, oil, and hard water scale. At Delk Plumbing, Inc., we are experienced in the use of these high powered machines, and we are ready to help homeowners throughout the Summerville and Charleston, SC communities!

Want to avoid the need for hydro jetting? Be sure to keep up with routine drain cleaning, and prevent minor blockages from becoming major ones.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

A hydro jetter is a great tool used by our plumbers to eliminate clogs that form deep inside your piping system. It allows our technicians to remove stubborn debris that would otherwise call for invasive plumbing repairs.

There are many benefits to hydro jetting, including:

  • Removes Grease and Oil: Both grease and oil are not broken down by the water. If these liquids are poured down the drain, they can build up and narrow your pipes causing a clog. A hydro jetter, although only using water, is pressurized enough to get rid of the oily mess.
  • Food and Other Debris: Other common debris to make its way down the drain are food particles, hair, dirt, and soap scum to name a few. Hydro jetting will also remove these obstructions.
  • Roots: Another cause of a mainline clog is tree roots that have grown into the pipe. This procedure can also wipe the roots away instead of having to remove the tree or cut through the pipe.
  • Mineral Build-Up: Hard water can have many drawbacks. One of the more serious of those is the mineral deposits and scale build-up that can occur in your pipes. Like oil, it can cause your pipes to narrow or clog completely.
  • Protection: Although your piping system is built to last, it is not indestructible. That being said, hydro jetting goes a long way to protect them. Not only will it clear debris that can eat away at the pipe itself, but the jet is also flexible and will bend with the constructs of your system.
  • Safety: Chemical drain cleaners may seem like a fast and effective way of cleaning your pipes, but it does more harm than good. The formula of these products wears away at your pipes and will cause them to wear down over time resulting in more problems than you started with.

When Do You Need Hydro Jetting?

Now that you are aware of the benefits of hydro jetting, you should also know when you need these services in your Summerville or Charleston, SC home. In some cases, the force of this tool is not necessary, while at other times it is better than repiping your home.

To give you a better understanding of when hydro jetting is appropriate, take a look at these scenarios:

  • When you have tried everything else, and you still have clogs that will not clear.
  • When there are repairs needed such as tree roots growing in your pipes that would otherwise call for premature need for repiping services.
  • Before any pipework is done such as leak repair, crack sealing, etc. Cleaning the pipes first ensures the work will be effective.
  • If you have more than one clogged drain, slow drains, or water that is pooling back up through your pipes.

Always work with a professional hydro jetting company to determine whether your clogging issues are severe enough for this service.

What Kinds of Problems Does Hydro Jetting Solve?

As we mentioned, there are many different kinds of clogs that hydro jetting can take care of when it is used by a professional plumber. Our expert team has been on the receiving end of some serious plumbing conundrums that were solved with the use of this handy tool.

Here are some of the problems you can expert the hydro jet to solve:

  • Future Repairs: Hydro jetting is not only going to help with current clogs and blockages, but it can also prevent future issues for occurring, as well.
  • Sewage Back-Up: An unfortunate side effect of a sewer line clog is it can have the potential to push the wastewater back through the pipes and into your home. A sewage spill is a costly, disgusting mess that can cause many health problems.
  • Water Pressure: Inefficient water pressure is a symptom of a clog that falls under the radar. If a blockage is not severe enough to cause a clog, it can still affect the pressure of the water. Hydro jetting will restore your water to the right pressure.
  • Failing Pipes: Debris that is left to fester in your pipes will cause deterioration. Cracks and leaks can form that will cause floods, damage, and other costly repairs.

Another symptom of low water pressure is due to the mineral build-up in your pipes caused by hard water. A water softening system can help with this and many other water quality symptoms!

Your Drain Cleaning & Hydro Jetting Experts

At Delk Plumbing, Inc., we are proud to be a member of the Summerville and Charleston, SC community since 1978. We are a locally run and family operated business that has experienced team members standing by to assist you. Our plumbing contractors are experienced drain cleaning pros and can provide you with a long-lasting solution that not only solves your clogging issues but also is safe on your plumbing. With a little help from our staff, you’ll be able to enjoy free-flowing plumbing again in no time!

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