Gas Line Repair & Installation in Summerville & Charleston

Do you need a gas line installed on your property? Call Delk Plumbing, Inc. We have the certification and experience to handle your gas line needs safely.

When it comes to a gas line, installations and repairs need to be handled by a professional with the proper training and certification. At Delk Plumbing, Inc., we have these credentials, plus years of experience in this field. If you are a resident of the Summerville or Charleston, SC community, you want to handle all gas-related construction with great care. This is why we have gone above and beyond to ensure each customer is safe and satisfied.

Do you have a leak in your gas line? Be sure to schedule a gas leak detection and keep your home and family protected!

Common Signs of a Damaged Gas Line

Gas line repair services should always be left to the experts, but how do you know when there’s an issue? Paying attention to the warning signs will not only protect you from the dangers of gas leaks but also it can help you get a repair service before it escalates into an emergency. Some of the most common signs your gas line is damaged includes:

  • Higher than usual utility costs.
  • Hissing noises coming from behind your gas appliances.
  • Poor performance from your appliances.
  • Dying plants inside or around your home.
  • Health concerns like shortness of breath or dizziness.
  • The carbon monoxide detector is triggered.

Because a damaged gas line can put your health at risk, schedule gas pipe repair is essential. Our plumbing contractors will inspect the line, find the source of the problem, and get you that long-lasting fix you can depend on.

Installing a Gas Line

While gas line repair services are generally an urgent fix, gas pipe replacement doesn’t have to be all bad. A gas line installation is an ideal opportunity to install new appliances or even opt for a BBQ gas line installation for that new outdoor kitchen. However, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when installing new gas pipes. This includes:

  • Permits: In general, when you are making any major changes to your home, you will need a permit from your town in order to do so. Depending on where you are located, permits will only be granted to companies or individuals with the correct licensing capabilities.
  • Materials: Another impediment to the “do it yourself” gas line is the materials. Certain types of flexible pipes can be required which are only sold to certified technicians.
  • Dangers: Gas is a relatively safe, natural resource for heating your home and running your appliances. That being said, it can still be dangerous for the novice to work with if they are not properly trained.
  • Installation: Again, gas can be dangerous. It can amount to carbon monoxide poisoning and even explosions if the lines are not handled correctly.

At Delk Plumbing, Inc., we are your reliable Summerville and Charleston, SC gas fitters. Our plumbers always use the highest quality components and ensure that all gas appliance hookups and installations are done to code. Our goal is to always improve functionality and comfort in your home while providing you with added peace of mind.

One appliance that can use natural gas is your water heater! Be sure to ask about our gas water heater installations, and leverage that new gas line for your comfort.

Your Expert Gas Fitters

At Delk Plumbing, Inc., we understand that your family’s safety comes first. Like you, we strive to ensure the safety of all of our clients through our expert gas line repair and installation services. Whether you’ve discovered a gas leak in your home or are looking to add new fittings for additional appliances, our staff is here to help you enjoy the utilities in your home.

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