Kitchen Plumbing Services in Summerville & Charleston

Your kitchen plumbing can be a complex system. When it is time for repairs and upgrades, call the experts. Delk Plumbing, Inc. is here to assist you.

There are many pieces of your kitchen’s plumbing system that all work together to give you a properly working and convenient space to cook for your family. In many homes in the Summerville and Charleston, SC area, the kitchen is the epi-center of the home’s activity. It is where family members gather to talk, eat, and laugh before the day starts and before it ends. This is why plumbing repair issues like leaky faucets and clogged garbage disposals can cause a serious interruption in your home. At Delk Plumbing, Inc. we are your reliable kitchen plumbing experts. Not only can we fix all your common plumbing issues, but also we can help you upgrade your fixtures for added functionality and style!

Once your kitchen is taken care of, be sure to keep upgrading your home with our bathroom remodeling services. Let our staff make your dream bathroom a reality!

Common Garbage Disposal Repair Issues

The garbage disposal is a great appliance to have your home. It helps eliminate food waste and keeps your trash from stinking. That being said, without proper maintenance and care, these appliances can break down and demand repairs.

Here are the most common causes of damage that can occur to your garbage disposal:

  • Clogs: Clogs can happen due to too hard structured food and other debris being thrown in the disposal. When this happens, a professional will need to take it apart to clear the system.
  • Jams: This is when there is no clog, yet the appliance still does not work. Usually, the situation happens when there is a lot of sturdy food like raw vegetables put into the machine.
  • Noise: If there is a loud metallic noise inside your disposal, it typically means a part has come loose. This can be tightened quickly by a technician.
  • Power: Another common issue is the loss of power. In this case, the cause is typically a faulty connection to the power source.
  • Leaks: This is probably the most common problem associated with garbage disposals. Leaks can occur due to a loose component or gasket. The severity of the situation will determine the repair, although all situations call for a repair technician.

Most of the issues above can easily be solved with a garbage disposal repair. However, if your unit is on the older side and consistently giving you issues, a replacement may be the better option. At Delk Plumbing, Inc. we are your garbage disposal installation pros, helping homeowners throughout the Summerville and Charleston, SC area.

Kitchen Sinks & Faucets

Many homeowners are not aware of the significance of their faucet and sink being two different entities. Both are essential to your kitchen, and both can upgrade the appearance of your home. In a technical sense, however, the sink and faucet should be chosen separately if you wish to get the most out of your appliances.

Beyond that, sinks and faucets can require replacement and repairs at different times. Take a look at some signs you need to have your sink replaced:

  • The sink is outdated and old looking.
  • There is a limescale build-up around the sink.
  • There are cracks in the sinks.
  • The sink is leaking water.

Also, take a look at these reasons for replacing your faucets:

  • Leaks: The faucet leaks water. In small leaks can cause a considerable amount of water consumption.
  • Mineral Build-Up: Unlike the sink, mineral build-ups can cause more issues than just ugly white stains. Although that is a consideration, the more pressing problem is the build-up in the fixture that can lead to leaks and low water pressure.
  • Appearance: Aesthetics is a good reason for upgrading. Old and outdated faucets can bring down the entire look of the room.
  • Efficiency: New faucets are more efficient than standard units. They use less water and can also have smart features such as voice control and the local weather.
  • Repairs: Frequent repairs to your faucet is a good sign that it is time for a replacement. Also, faucet parts can be expensive and hard to find, especially if the fixture is an older model.

Once your fixtures are cared for, be sure you get all the hot water you need to power your kitchen with our water heater installation services.

Your Kitchen Plumbing Experts

If you need to have your appliances upgraded in your kitchen, Delk Plumbing, Inc. is the reliable and experienced company you want by your side. With decades of experience, we have served the community of Summerville and Charleston with quality craftsmanship for decades. Whether you have an old garbage disposal that’s making noise or your kitchen sink is leaking, you can count on our plumbing pros to restore your kitchen to perfect working order.

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