Sump pumps are necessary for removing water out of your crawl space and basement. With its three main components – the pump, the float, and the piping – sump pumps have rescued many homeowners from big moisture problems. But, just like any household appliance or system, your pump may have issues from time to time. Delk Plumbing wants you to watch out for certain sump pump problems so you can take quick action.

Your pump doesn’t function normally. Is your pump acting uncontrollably or unpredictably whenever you turn it on? Does it flat out refuse to operate at all? Both of these situations are often indicators of a float switch issue. A float switch is a type of sensor that’s used to monitor and control a pump’s liquid levels. Should the sensor’s float ball become stuck, it can cause the pump to over- or under-compensate. When your pump acts strangely, don’t panic. Instead, take temporary precautions to make sure flooding doesn’t damage your home. Then reach out to our plumbers for pump repair.

You experience flooding in your home. Coming home to a flooded basement is a very unpleasant surprise but it is a common result of a damaged pump. Unfortunately, sometimes homeowners fail to notice a flooded basement or crawl space when the damage is still minor. An easy way to tell if your basement is retaining water is to check on it during a rainstorm. If you should notice standing water in your basement, call your plumber for sump pump repair as quickly as you can. Ignoring a flooded basement, even if you think the problem is minor, is always a bad idea. Trapped water can lead to mold growth and other messes. Don’t wait to take care of the problem.

When your sump pump is in trouble, you know who to call: Delk Plumbing! See how our plumbers can help you with pump repair and installation in Charleston, SC and the surrounding areas.