Sewer problems can turn into real disasters. In addition to being expensive to repair, they can be pretty awful to experience. But how do you know when a sewer problem is about to rear its ugly head? Delk Plumbing has some common signs that should serve as a warning to call us for sewer repair in Charleston and North Charleston, SC:

  1. Sewer smells – The most common sign that you may need sewer repair is the unpleasant smell of waste around your property. Trust your nose when it comes to these stinky smells. Call a plumber in Charleston as soon as you notice them.
  2. Slow drains – Slow drains are another prime indication of a sewer problem. If it seems like your drains have stopped working all of a sudden, call a sewer contractor. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to slow drains and your sewer.
  3. Mold spots – You already know that trapped moisture, including leaks, can lead to mold growth in and around your home. However, it’s also a warning sign of a sewer problem. If you can’t locate the cause of mold growth on your property, it’s best to call plumbers in North Charleston to take a look.
  4. Decreased water levels – Clogs and sewer issues generally may lead to lower water levels inside your toilets. If you notice this, get it checked out as quickly as possible.
  5. Foundation or wall cracks – If you notice a crack that appears suddenly and spreads rapidly, call us right away. While many factors can cause these cracks, it’s always smart to rule out any plumbing and sewer problems, as these can have the greatest impact on your home.

Do you need emergency sewer repair? Call Delk Plumbing right away. Ignoring sewer issues can result in serious home damage. Our sewer contractors can come in and fix your sewer problems, giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to how your waste is handled.