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Two of the most important aspects of your plumbing is your water heater and your drainage system. Residents of the Moncks Corner, SC area have long since relied on Delk Plumbing, Inc. to assist them with all repairs, maintenance, and installations. Our reliable technicians are trained, certified, and available to assist you. Whether you’re dealing with an overflowing toilet or an old water heater that can’t keep up with your home’s needs, our staff is here to help keep your plumbing system working at its best!

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Why Opt for Professional Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning is important for the well being of your plumbing system. Residents of the Moncks Corner community should have this procedure performed by a professional every other year to keep their system running smoothly.

Here are some of the benefits of having our technicians onsite to handle drain maintenance:

  • Fewer Clogs: Drain cleaning results in fewer clogs in your toilets and sinks.
  • No More Slow Drains: Slow draining sinks, tubs, and showers can be annoying and inconvenient. Drain cleaning will eliminate this issue.
  • Eliminate Deep Clogs: Deeper clogs in your mainline can cause multiple backups in your toilets and sinks. Drain cleaner will also stop this from happening.
  • Fewer Obstructions: Obstructions and in your pipes such as tree roots can occur. Again, this is something else that drain cleaning can eliminate.
  • Better Water Pressure: Not having the correct water pressure is inconvenient. Mineral buildup and other debris such as oil and grease can cause your pipes to narrow and decrease the pressure of the water.
  • Future Repairs: Drain cleaning can also reduce the risk of future repairs that you may not see signs for yet.

If you have damage to your sewer line, it can cause a lot of issues within your plumbing system. Repairs related to clogged toilets, slow draining sinks, and floods are all effects of a damaged sewer line. If you are having an issue, reach out to Delk Plumbing, Inc. for assistance right away.

Benefits of Timely Water Heater Replacement

When your water heater gets to the point that it’s no longer heating your water efficiently, you are waiting a long time for hot water, and your water bills have increased, it is time to consider the installation of a new unit. Aging water heaters can require frequent repairs and can even leave you without any hot water at the most inconvenient time

With that being said, there are many benefits to having a new water heater installed, including:

  • Fewer repairs will be needed.
  • The water is heated faster.
  • Your energy bills can decrease.
  • The system is more efficient.
  • There are smart features such as vacation mode.
  • You will have better water pressure.
  • Eliminate hard water build-up.
  • It can produce fewer greenhouse gases.

If you need a new water heater installed, Delk Plumbing, Inc. can assist you with both natural gas and electric systems. Our technicians are trained and certified to install, maintain, and repair these units. Best of all, we also offer energy-efficient alternatives like tankless water heaters as well.

Worried you won’t be able to afford your new water heater? We also offer convenient financing options to make the entire process simple.

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If you are a resident of the Moncks Corner, SC Community, you need a reliable plumber to trust. At Delk Plumbing, Inc. we have been a reliable and family-operated company since 1978. Our friendly technicians are available to assist you with water heater installations, drain cleaning services, and any piping or plumbing repairs that may present themselves.

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